Tuesday, October 30, 2007

.. [ halloween warning ] ..

I mean is it not a fact that sex offenders commit crimes on Halloween? The facts are no! But, all over the country sex offenders have curfews, their families and them are being held captive in their home during this holiday. Do your part in continuing this kind of practice.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

.. [ Sippenhaft ] .. the melting pot is Gentrifying!

I have not met one person who does not uphold to the belief that "we should protect our children at all costs"; that "we should protect 'anyone' from domestic abuse"; and that "we should protect everyone from child molesters, rapists, pedophiles, teachers who molest their students, molesting priests, etc.." The concept of Sippenhaft, is more that a xenophobic consciousness, it is a way to find the light at the end of a forest. And if there is a GOD, or a higher being, it has to be the form of attrition we are looking for - I propose it is time to end the madness.

I also believe that in this strange new clearing we already have prominent people who can help us through this "Gentrification Movement". We can bill it as "America, once the melting pot of Europe's most despised, has now matured to the point, and is beginning the movement towards Gentrification"! It has now become the time; we have the technology, the power through the media, and soon the laws in every pumpkin patch city to do this!

With America beginning its very own "Sippenhaft", the inevitable is upon us, the displacement of every sex offender and their families. When we are done with that cleansing, we can yet again begin other Xenophobic displacements and cleanse are borders.

I nominate as honary members of this movement leaders such as Bill Clinton as our Honorary City Manager, after all he "never had sex with that woman!", and a recent defrocked Senator as our first 'George Washington' as Mayor, after all he as well "did not chop down the cherry tree"; and importantly Mike Nifong as Attorney General for this Nauthingham, and of course the false accuser can play his mistress. (After all, even Shakespeare needed a city with a little naughtiness).